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Application for early departure from contract

If you are looking to depart early from your contract, you must provide all details, proof and documentation. All applications will be reviewed case by case basis. Only in the very rare and unusual circumstances you may be released from contract without a replacement tenant. 

Reviews can take some time and we will be in touch once the review has been completed. You will still be responsible for you rent and tenancy while under review.

Your current contract is a pre-agreed signed lease, please note the following:

This Agreement is a legally binding document. Signing it means that the Tenant and Guarantor has read, understands and agrees to be bound by its terms. The Tenant and Guarantor should therefore satisfy himself/herself that this is indeed the case before signing. The Tenant should be aware that he/she will be bound for the whole of “the Term” (as defined above) and will not be released from his/her obligations (for example to pay Rent) until the Term expires.  The Tenant and the Guarantor will remain liable for any breach arising during the Term notwithstanding the expiry of the Term. The Guarantor agrees to pay immediately on demand and the same thereafter, if the tenant misses payments.“

We cannot cancel contracts for: 

  • Pre-existing health conditions.
  • Change of minds.
  • Choosing not to use provided accommodation & services.
  • Choosing to move home mid-term.


If you fit into any of the above and still would like to be released from your contract, you will need to find a replacement tenant for the whole period outstanding on your contract. 


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